Beside the talk with Jana Malzkorn we did also an interview with skateboarder, zine-maker, photographer, musician, writer, editor etc. Marie Dabbadie for our LET’S SKATE QUEER exhibition as part of the coVen at AZ-Cologne on 1st of September. Check it out!

Layback Grind at South Bank London / Photo: Jenna Selby

Name: Marie Dabbadie
Pronouns: They / Them
From: Hossegor, France
Based: Malmö, Sweden

When and how did you get into skateboarding?
Skateboarding came into my life when I was 14, growing up in Hossegor, France. My dad is a surfboard shaper so I’ve started surfing very early and would longboard down hills with my brothers when there were no waves. My mom started working for Element and got skateboards for my little brother and me for Christmas. I went to the local indoor park (R.I.P Hall04) and spent a full day staring at people without skating first. Then came back the next day and started kick turning back and forth on a quarter in the back of the skate park. I guess skateboarding took over surfing quickly for many reasons.
Skateboarding gave me different options than surfing. It’s not the same world at all. I guess the punk outcast thing dragged me in quickly. I’ve always felt like a weird kid and I seemed to fit better with all these other weird kids and punks more than on the beach.

Can you put your love for skateboarding in words?
Skateboarding is a radical act because it is not productive and it transcends borders, reimagine cities and build communities.

Marie shredding some smooth concrete waves / Photo: Alexandra Bergman

What is your Xem Skaters Zine about?
Xem Skaters is a genderqueer skate zine that aims to give space to all genders in a binary environment by giving visibility to non­binary / queer / trans skaters, to introduce gender notions and knowledge in the skateboard community and ultimately open paths for individual identity building within skateboarding.
It features anything that is written / produced / created / photographed by genderqueer and genderqueer-friendly people that skate or have something to say about skateboarding and gender.
Xem Skaters is also an informative photography project showing persons that define themselves as non-binary, trans and queer and that skateboard.

You’re also into photography?
Yes, I’ve been taking photos since I was 12. I have been documenting the female and queer skate scene since I started skating. But I also work on more abstract, intimate and vulnerable projects with analog photography. I have a darkroom at home and spend lots of hours there experimenting. I am currently working on a photo book about the feeling of Craving, inspired by Sarah Kane’s play Crave and my intimate relationships.

Jana & Marie at the North Brigade on their visit to Cologne / Photo: xJx

You did an exhibition about genderqueer skateboarding – tell us about.
Yes, at Bryggeriet in Malmö. I filled three walls with photos of female and queer skaters. This is an ongoing project and I’d like to keep exhibiting these photos as I document the female and queer scene in Malmö. I always make the zine available in these exhibitions to support the content, explain why I exhibit these photos and bring awereness on queer topics within skateboarding.

Let’s talk about music – what kind of sound do you listen to? And you also make music yourself, don’t you?
I have always been a punk show rat since I was allowed to stay out late. I listen to a lot of punk music but I am also very into gothic, new wave, industrial, cold- and dark wave music. I listen to music all the time. I am a bandcamp addict. I also put up shows in Malmö in a small D.I.Y venue called Enskiftet.
I play in two bands, a queercore one called La Bagarre where I sing and write lyrics about being brought up and conditioned as a woman to be submissive when as a woman, you are most likely to become a target of harassment and sexist attacks on a daily basis. Sick sad world we live in. A lot of my feminist anger and personal stories gets out with this band.
There is also my other project called MORT-MOI, this one is my gothic sensual love me love me not alter ego. It’s cold wave industrial music. My friends Cliff and Mike helped me a lot with this one and we hope to make a full set to be able to play live soon.
I also DJ whenever I can with either a Riot Grrrl, queercore set or a dark wave, gothic, 80s new wave set.

On stage with La Bagarre / Photo: Mendi

You like to travel a lot to meet nice people all around the world, right?
I try to travel as much as I can. I have been always doing it since I could. I like to put myself in new situations, get lost, learn, document and share. I think getting lost to find myself is how I’ve been going with life for a while now.

In another interview, you said: „Skateboarding is for everyone. Fuck gender.“
Skateboarding is still a very macho culture event though female skateboarders are receiving more and more recognition. Some people still think skateboarding shouldn’t be for girls. I think skateboarding is for everyone and this quote is a big fuck you to every dumb sexist that thinks otherwise.

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Interview: xJx / Photos: Jenna Selby, Alexandra Bergman, xJx & Mendi